A few feet from failure: why Verizon FiOS in New York is a sad joke

Posted by chetan on October 10, 2013

This is insane.

When asked whether Verizon had met its contract obligations, the mayor’s office first asked The Verge what Verizon had said, then referred us to DOITT, which actually has the contract. DOITT referred us to the mayor’s office. When told that the mayor wasn’t commenting, DOITT suggested we speak with Verizon. When pressed, a spokesperson said, "We just don’t have anything to add here."

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Off to the races

Posted by chetan on November 28, 2006

This weekend was the Basler Stadtlauf, a yearly race for all ages. Children run 1K (a whole 5 minutes!!) and everyone else runs a little more than 5K. The amazing thing was the sheer number of people who turned out and the mayhem it caused! Given Basel’s small size, the short distance of the race, and the fact that the course looped around only a few blocks, a lot of people were jammed into a very small space.
Unfortunately, the thing is held at night, which makes for great atmosphere with the Christmas decorations and all, but also lousy picture taking. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to take pictures in low light situations and fast moving objects at night is just that much harder.

Jeremy and Nicol both ran in the kids division and I guess they had a really good time ’cause it seems they’re already signed up for next year! I tried to get a picture of them at the start of the race but it’s just a huge blur (with the exception of the one time I used flash in the pic above).

And just for comparison, I’ve also posted my pictures from this year’s NYC Marathon. I guess it’s just the sheer size of the thing that brings out all the interesting characters, as opposed to the Basel run which was more about a fun evening out and about.