The Bird’s Eye

Posted by chetan on November 26, 2006

Last night I checked out the Bird’s Eye jazz club which seems to be one of the few regular live music venues in town. Regular in this case means they have shows two nights a week, with two sets each on Fridays and Saturdays. I found this out all too late, of course, as I showed up late, about 15 minutes before the second set ended just after 11:30pm.

The set was alright but a little too experimental for my tastes. During the encore the pianist got up to pluck the piano wire directly. A little much, if you ask me. Kinda like seahorses.

The venue itself was very small. Not at all unusual as far as clubs of this sort go, but judging from the outside you expect a lot more on entering. The upside to the small size (and the semi-cylindrical ceiling) is fantastic sound that reaches every inch of the room with perfect clarity.