Backing up your Android apps to the cloud

Posted by chetan on December 22, 2010

Android 2.0 introduced a feature that lets you backup your apps and their settings to the “cloud.” Normally this feature is accessible by going to Settings > Privacy and checking Back up my settings.

Unfortunately, it seems that many HTC phones hide this setting. If “Privacy” doesn’t appear in your settings then use this trick to get there.

  • Settings > Search > Searchable items
  • Enable “Settings”
  • Goto the “Home” screen
  • Search for “Privacy”
  • Check “Back up my settings”

It’s just too bad there’s no easy way to backup your apps manually, without resorting to an app on the market…

Re: Amazon Kindle

Posted by chetan on January 18, 2008

I bought one last night. Curious to see just how sold out it really is.