Should have bought a bike

Posted by chetan on February 08, 2007 in basel, misc

I originally decided to hold off on getting a bike since winter was quickly approaching and I hate biking in the cold, but it’s been about as mild a winter here as anywhere else. Even the last few weeks, with a cold wave blowing across the US, it’s been a moderate 40-50F here, with maybe a few flurries mixed in.

Now I realize I should have bought one, even though it would have cost me about US$150-200. There are no walmart style discount shops here, but $200 over 4 months isn’t bad at all. I could easily have gotten $50 of use a month out of it and probably much more than that. Especially on a day like today, when I’m working from home and don’t want to walk 20 minutes into town to get some real food. Not to mention saving money on my commute to the office.